Saturday, August 18, 2012

Accessorize For: A Date

We all want to impress on a date.  Here are some tips for accessorizing your outfit for the perfect date!

Don't put on something you would never wear just to impress, it will be obvious that the piece isn't you.  Plus, you don't want to give the impression that your someone your not.  

Pick accessories that reflect your personality. Trendy, girly, edgy, classy, bold, glamorous, or cute.... 
pick pieces that scream -you!

Are you going for an evening dinner, or an afternoon coffee?  Out for cocktails, or staying in for a movie?  Make sure you choose the right accessories.  Don't overdress your outfit with too much flashy jewelry, but take the opportunity to show it all off when you can!

Wear a piece he wont forget! Something that will catch his eye and get him to comment.  You want him to notice details about you and accessories are the details to your outfit!  

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