Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Collar Brooches

If you want to rock a really hot trend for fall/winter 2012/2013, then you need a pair of Collar Brooches!  Worn individually on either side of your shirt collar, this wearable accessory adds the right amount glam to a button up.  The chained brooches also look cute even worn on a sweater with no collar.  The trend instantly personalizes your top, so you will want to try this look with with an old top, to create a new look!  Here are some examples:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall 2012: Burgundy is the new Black

NY Fashion Week had it's runways painted in oxblood red.  Designers have introduced burgundy once again in every area of fashion from nails, to makeup, shoes, bags, accessories and clothing.  The shade looks great paired with nudes, shades of navy and black.  Cozy up this fall with this deep sexy shade of red.  Here are some well put together looks: